About Us


Mission, Vision & Values

Mission statement

The goal of Tshikevha Christian School is to provide, in unison with the parents a quality, Bible-based, Christian-centred education, wherein each child may grow in grace, wisdom, knowledge and wonder and so be enabled to responsibility serve God, others and creation as His image-bearers in all areas of life, wherever the Lord may lead him/her.

We cherish a school with Christian character, quality teachers and facilities, encouraging a rich, diversity of student activities, appreciated by the community, producing enlightened exuberant and successful Christian graduates who will work to reclaim Gods’ creation for Christ.

The organisation’s leading principles

The foundation of Tshikevha Christian School is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and summed up broadly as follows:

i. We believe in one God, who is the Creator, Preserver, Governor and Saviour of heaven and earth. Three in persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One in being, might and glory, just and holy and full of mercy. Therefore all things must be done in loving obedience to Him and to His honour.

ii. But we ourselves are unable to do so, for the nature of man is totally depraved and inclined to disobey the Lord’s commandments, as a result of disobedience of our first parents, and is therefore justly exposed to the divine wrath, and so man is completely unable to save himself.

iii. We believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God, who is truly man and truly God, He was sent by the Father to take away the sin of the world by his obedience, suffering and death on the cross. By his resurrection He overcame death and obtained life. Therefore anyone who believes in Him will not perish, but through the grace he is justified before God and has risen with Him into an everlasting life. Although he will die, His weak mortal body will be changed like the glorious body of Jesus Christ and his ministry in expectation of his Kingdom.

iv. We believe in the Holy Spirit, who works in us repentance to God. Trust in Jesus Christ and a new obedience through the Word of God. Therefore it is our prayer to be guided by the Holy Spirit through the word of God in every aspect of our lives.

Motto – “We shall strive to be a school that produces excellent performance in everything we do.”


Tshikevha Christian School was established in 1986 in Venda, Limpopo Province in South Africa. The school was established at the initiative of parents of the Reformed Churches in Venda concerned with the level of education and the moral of educators in general together with Dutch missionaries sent to Venda by the Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.

The aim to establish the school was to pursue Christian education where children of Christian parents could be taught and raised in the fear of the Lord. The school also plays a mission role in that we also admit children with no Christian background who get introduced to Christianity for the first time in the school. Children enrolled in our school are taught from the earliest stages of their lives that everything they are taught, and learn at school is what God created and that apart from Gods’ creation there is absolutely nothing to teach and to learn. The school achieves excellent grade 12 results every year, including 100% pass for the past three years.